Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What is Momento360, exactly?

Momento360 enables you to get the most out of your 360 camera and 360 media: view and share 360 photos and videos with anybody you want, however you want (private to public), on almost any device you want.

We built Momento360 because viewing your own 360 photos and videos shouldn’t be so hard—whether you want to do it on your Android or iPhone, or in VR! We also found it surprisingly difficult to share 360 pictures and 360 videos with your family and friends, especially if you want to do it privately. (More on that below.)

After you sign up for a Momento360 account, you can upload and view your own 360 photos and videos, right from your web browser. You can then choose which ones to share and with whom. Anything you have access to (your own 360s or any shared with you by somebody else) can be viewed on any web browser (phone or computer) or on one of our VR client apps.

Do you only work with 360 photos and videos?

Though it was built for 360 cameras, you can use Momento360 for any image that’s in equirectangular format. People use us to display drone panoramas, architectural renderings, even hand-drawn sketches (VR prototyping). As long as it’s an image format we recognize, it should work (more or less).

Do I need a 360 camera to use Momento360?

No. You can use Momento360 to view and share any kind of image that’s in 360. This includes drone panoramas, 360 renderings, photospheres, the list goes on and on. Some people even use us for hand sketches!

What kind of equipment do I need to use Momento360?

To view a photo that’s been shared with you, you only need any device that can run a modern web browser, like a computer or a phone. To share your own 360 media, you need to have your 360 media in equirectangular format. We support most image formats and MP4 for short videos.

What about VR (Virtual Reality)? Can I view my 360 photos and 360 videos in VR?

Yes! Momento360 supports VR 360 photo viewing on Google Cardboard, and 360 photo and 360 video viewing on Samsung Gear VR (via our Gear VR app). You can enter Google Cardboard mode when you’re viewing a 360 photo in your browser. We feel VR is the most immersive way to view 360 media, and have support for various platforms.

Do I have to download an app?

No. Momento360 is designed to work from any web browser, without installing an app. You just sign into your account. Momento360 works on iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, Android tablets, and laptop/desktop computers.

Privacy and Visibility

Who can see my 360 photos and 360 videos?

Momento360 is private by default, so you choose who gets to see your media.The only way anybody else can view your media is if you explicitly create a share link and send it to someone.

Are any of my 360s public?

No. The only way anyone else can view any of your items is if you explicitly create a share and send it to someone. With Momento360’s share links feature, the only people that can see your media are the people that have access to the link.

Can I unshare a 360 I already sent?

Yes. Momento360 share links can be disabled afterwards. In this way, even if someone has the share link, they will see nothing after you “turn it off.”

The only exception is with social media platforms like Facebook which may retain a copy of your preview.

Do I have to share my 360 content?

No. You’re not required to share any of your content. If you want to use Momento360 simply as a better way to view your own 360 media across devices, you can definitely do that. One of the reasons we built Momento360 was because it was so much work to just view our own photos and videos in all the places we wanted to. Sometimes you want to just quickly view a 360 on your phone, sometimes you want to go back and get immersed in your memories via VR, and sometimes you need to show your mom on her iPad. With Momento360, there’s now one place that does all that, that’s not always trying to get you to broadcast everything to the world.

Where are my 360 photos and 360 videos stored?

Your photos and videos are all stored and backed up securely on Momento360’s servers.

Terms and Rights, Commercial Use

If I upload images/videos to Momento360 am I giving/granting any rights to you guys?

Short Answer: NO.

Longer answer: Momento360 makes no claims on any additional rights to your images.

The only rights we ask for in our terms of service are the ones we need in order to operate the service itself (e.g. hosting, etc.). We will NEVER use anyone’s images for commercial/promotional purposes without first obtaining your expressed consent and permission.

Can I use Momento360 for commercial use?

Yes! There are plenty of users using Momento360 to either speed up/streamline their workflows or using our embedding functionality in various aspects of their businesses.

We offer the ability to customize the branding on the embedded player and other requested features will be coming soon. See our Plans and Pricing page for details.

Subscriptions and Accounts

How much does it cost?

Everyone can sign up for a free account. If, after trying it you need more capabilities you can look at upgrading to a paid subscription plan.

Visit our Plans and Pricing page for more details.

How much space do I get with my account?

It depends on your subscription tier.

Every free user gets up to 2GB storage for photos and videos, with a maximum file size of 250MB per video.

If you need more than that you can upgrade to a paid plan. See our Pricing page for details.

Supported Devices and Formats

What platforms do you support?

Momento360 supports all modern web browsers on smartphones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers. You don’t need to download an app to use it.For VR, we have a Gear VR client available, as well as support via WebVR for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, GearVR and Google Daydream.

What 360 cameras do you support?

We support images from most monoscopic 360 cameras. We have specifically tested (and ourselves use) the Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear360, Nikon KeyMission 360, Insta360 Nano, among others. If there’s a 360 camera that we don’t support, let us know at and we’ll support it. We correctly render images produced in an equirectangular projection (most every 360 camera will output this format). We currently only support monoscopic images.

Further Questions

How can I get rid of the watermark on the player?

Users on the Professional Plan can opt to have no branding on their embeds and shares. The Momento360 watermark appears for all users on the Free and Personal plans. See the Pricing page for plan details.

Can I customize the 360 player with my own logo?

Yes! Users on the Professional Plan can add their own logo on all their embeds and shares. The Momento360 watermark appears for all users on the Free and Personal plans. See the Pricing page for plan details.

I want Momento360 to be able to do INSERT YOUR REQUEST HERE, do you do this?

If there’s a feature or scenario you’d really like us to support, please let us know at

Hey, wait, you didn’t answer my question!

Let us know at We want to help—and we want you to be as excited about 360s as we are!