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Why Momento360?

Momento360 is the very best way to make the most of all your 360 photos and videos.

It’s easy.

Upload, view, and share your 360 photos and videos all in one place, all from your browser. Works with any 360 camera.

It’s fun for families.

Share 360s easily with who you want, how you want. No app required, so nobody gets left out. (Especially grandmas.)

It’s made for 360s.

Step into your 360 photos and videos with Virtual Reality. Momento360 supports Google Cardboard and Gear VR, with more on the way.

I took some 360 pictures on a recent visit from my son and his wife. Even though they’ve returned home, Momento360 makes it so easy for me to go back and be with them in those fun moments — with all of us right there again. Even my grand-dog!

— Agi H., Switzerland

Why me?

Because no one has invented a teleporter yet. Seriously, 360 photos and videos are the next best thing to being there. They can bring your family together into those unforgettable moments like almost nothing else.

Take extreme selfies.

Who’s missing in every traditional family picture? The person taking it. With Momento360, it’s easy for one generation to watch another watch another.

Travel through time.

Okay, not literally. But Momento360 helps you immerse yourself in your most prized memories in a way that’s pretty much magic.

Gather the family together.

Momento360 doesn’t just let you invite your family into the room—it also provides a private space to laugh, talk, and share.

Every time I share Momento360 with someone new, there’s always this almost goofy sense of awe and wonder—especially on Gear VR, but even on my iPhone. It’s magic.

— Paul H., Seattle, Washington

What’s a 360?

Wow, you are in for a treat. We can help you get started learning about 360 photos and videos.

What’s the big deal?

Why do people keep calling 360-degree photos and videos “the next big thing”? Learn more here.

Which camera do I buy?

So, so many choices. And new ones keep coming out. (Don’t worry, Momento360 works with all of them.)

How do I get started?

So you’ve bought a 360 camera. Now what? Check out these tips to get more comfortable snapping and sharing.

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We are the Momento360 people.

We’re a small, passionate band that’s close to our families and excited about the future of VR and 360-degree photography. We kept looking for a better way to share 360 photos and videos with family and friends. When we couldn’t find what we wanted, we built Momento360!

Jeff J. Lin

Raising young twins in San Francisco. In-laws in New Jersey. Parents in Seattle. Younger brother and nephew in New York.

Trevor F. Smith

Living in Seattle with a grade-school daughter. Parents and extended family in Georgia.

Nadja Haldimann

A globe-trotting Swiss expat who calls Seattle home. A little brother and a big family back in Switzerland.