Share your 360s quickly and easily

Share links let you send a 360 for someone else to view in a snap

Send your 360s quickly and easily to anyone with a simple link. No matter if your recipients have smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop — as long as they have access to a browser and the internet, they’ll be able to view your 360 media in all its glory.

Momento360’s share link feature allows you to send single links to anyone to view. Send them via e-mail, IM, or even text message — anything that can take any link. Your recipients will be able to view it without downloading anything or signing up for anything; they’ll be able to drag the camera view around (as a bonus, if they have a VR viewer, they’ll even be able to view it in Virtual Reality, with no extra effort from you).

See for yourself! Here’s a link to a 360 of San Francisco’s Letterman Digital Arts Center.

Better yet, use it along with Momento360’s Collections feature to send a single link to an slideshow of 360s. Try this one out for yourself: 360 slideshow of San Francisco

And if you’re on the Plus or Pro Plans, you can also password-protect the link for an additional layer of security.

My new 360 kinda lost its shine when I realised that I couldn’t share with my elderly parents. They don’t have social media accounts and can [only] work out of their email! You made it so easy for them to see my pictures and I was impressed by the lack of faff involved. Your service just works, first time. Excellent.

— S.J., England