Do More with Your 360 Media

You can do a lot more with your 360-degree media. Here’s how.

Add your company’s branding

For a professional touch, replace the Momento360 watermark with your company’s logo on all your embeds/shares; you can also set where users that click the watermark are redirected to. (Pro plan subscribers only)

Password-protect your share links

Easily add an additional layer of security to your shares with password-protected links, no additional software required. Momento360 makes it a snap, so only the people that have the password can view your share. (Paid plans only)

Click here for an example (password: aaa)

Share via QR code

Momento360 makes it literally one keypress to generate a QR code to share your embeds with other mobile devices — super convenient if you have multiple people that need to view the same image, whether that's on a Zoom call, or in a conference room — or even if you just want to view a 360 currently on your desktop on your mobile device. (Try scanning the code in image to see for yourself!)

Save "regular" photos with virtual snapshots

360-degree photos are great — but as we all know, the rest of our tools don’t work that great with them. In the meantime, wouldn’t it be great to generate “regular” photos from within a 360-degree image? With Momento360 you can — in a virtual snap!

We love your platform — we use it on all of our listings, over 2000 and counting. The new annotations feature has been great.

— B.C., Denver, CO