Annotate with Ease

Mark any point on a 360 image and link back to it later. Add text, attachments, links to other sites.
Communicating online just got a lot easier.

Combined with our easy sharing and embedding, annotations make it even easier for you to effortlessly communicate with your 360-degree imagery.

Easily attach documents and files, like smartphone photos, Word docs, PDFs. Link directly to other sites. Set it to auto-play (like above). Drag around the above embed to see it in action.

More showing, less telling

Annotations link to a specific viewpoints in a 360, letting you "point" online. They'll know exactly where you mean, and you won't need to say a word.

Export your Annotations; stay in your workflow

Need to export your annotations elsewhere? No problem! Annotations in Momento360 can be exported into CSV, HTML, and XLSX*. Email it, put it in a Word doc, however you do it, colleagues can click through directly into the 360 and see for themselves:

*XLSX export available only to Pro Plan subscribers

Viewable on any device, no downloads required

Your viewers can see your 360 on whatever device they’re on, without having to log in or download anything. From desktop, to tablet, to smartphone, you don’t have to worry about what people are using to view your 360 – that’s our job.

Since you introduced annotations where you can link photos, documents, text and videos, I have introduced it to my workplace who are so impressed with what I have shown them.

— H.M., United Kingdom