This view gives maximum control to the viewer as well as the most prominent clues that the image is interactive.

Use this mode if you want your viewers to be able to flip between the thumbnails on their own, without being prompted. Useful for things like listings details, etc. The extra controls enable the user to enter  fullscreen, gyroscope and VR mode (on standalone tabs) depending on if this is embedded into a webpage or sent as a standalone link.

How it's done

  • Make sure reset-heading is set to true (this pans the camera back to where you set the starting point for each 360)


  • Add auto-advance to automatically switch between views without user input
  • Adjust pan speed and direction
  • Set a fade out time between images
  • Consider setting a higher image quality if the image will be prominent.
  • Hide or customize the branding
  • Enable VR mode

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