Share your 360 photos and videos how you want, with whomever you want

From your eyes only to publishing for the whole world to see, Momento360 lets you control how and whom you share 360s with

360 cameras are amazing devices, but they come with a new problem: How do you send those amazing 360 photos or videos from your camera (or smartphone, or computer) to the people you want/need to see them? Few (if any) of the apps and sites we use for regular photos are built to handle 360s, and quite a few people still don’t know exactly what they are…yet.

Maybe you just want to see that 360 photo on your desktop’s large monitor, or maybe you want to send pictures from your last trip to your parents on their iPad. Or maybe you want to email someone that 360 photo of the house you just looked at.

Momento360 allows you to do all that:

Use Cases

Got some great pics of the kids at the school play but don’t want to post to social media? Share securely and privately to your small group of family/friends directly to their Momento360 accounts.

Got backstage at the U2 concert and want to show off on Facebook? Use the “publish to Facebook/publish to Twitter” feature.

Got great pictures from your trip to Hawaii you want to post on your blog? Momento360 supports embedding out of the box in Medium, or add it as an iframe to your site.

Need to show a colleague in a different city what the state of the office build-out is? Send them an anonymous link via email.

Since Momento360 is web-based, your recipients can view your 360s on whatever device they already have, without an app download.

Or don’t share at all! By default all your photos and videos are private. But having your 360 photos/videos on Momento360 allows you to view your 360 photos/videos from any client, in 2D or VR, all via the web.