View your 360s in Virtual Reality

360 photos and 360 videos are fantastic for many reasons, but the real magic is viewing them in virtual reality — being transported to that place, that moment. No other medium has come close to creating that sense of “being there.”

Momento360 was designed from the start to make viewing your own 360 photos and videos in virtual reality as simple as possible. In fact, we initially started the company because there was no easy way for us to view our own 360 photos with our VR devices.

Once you’ve uploaded your 360 photos or videos into your Momento360 account, you can view straight from the web browser with Google Cardboard; or, if you have a Samsung Gear VR, you can download our GearVR application.

Since you can share privately on Momento360, it’s also easy to send friends/family/colleagues 360 photos and videos that they can view in VR, wherever they are, on whatever device they have.

We have been using it to upload VR renderings for our firm’s architecture projects and the feedback from clients has been outstanding.

— M.M., Los Angeles, CA